Pony Xpress Delivery started in May, 2019 with a total of 5 associates and 5 cargo vans. There are many companies that deliver product to consumers’ homes and we wanted to be different. Different how? We understand that the differentiator is our people! Who we select to join our team, the training and onboarding that we provide to start their delivery journey, and the support and teamwork that is evident in how we work everyday. We are a team that holds each other accountable, is competitive, wants to win every single day and celebrates success. Result: we have the best performing team not only measured in Columbus, but measured across the entire country. In addition, Pony Xpress has the lowest turnover rate! Our associates are hired to be here long term.

I’m very proud of how our team performed in 2020. COVID-19 brought uncertainty but also tremendous demand. Our team of essential workers were the only lifeline for many consumers to get needed product delivered to their homes. The results were impressive for this talented team:

  • We delivered 3.1 million packages to the homes of Columbus consumers.
  • We executed over 15,000 routes during the challenges of a pandemic.
  • We received the highest Safety Ratings as compared to delivery services nationwide. We paid over $150,000 in Safety Bonuses to our associates.
  • We grew to over 100 associates!

Pony Xpress Delivery has a bright future. In our last mile businesses, we partner with Amazon, FedEx and LaserShip. We have developed a middle mile business and our launching our day cab business in July with Amazon.

If you want to be part of a vibrant team that provides a stable future filled with growth, apply. We look forward to building on our 100+ stable of talented associates!